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Mega '80's Babes!

06.25.2010by: Cherry Liquor

I was a little kid when these ladies were hitting the mall scene and making it big on their girlie pop-tart images, with Deborah Debbie Gibson being the supposedly talented one because she could write her own songs (which were as cheesy and repetitive as what Taylor Swift comes up with these day, no big fete) and Tiffany being the bad girl who was estranged from her parents and got lucky that she had a good enough voice to do cover songs.

So it tickles me that as adults, both women turned to Hugh Hefner to help them get back into the hearts of the guys who were around back then to remember them but not necessarily buy their music. And while DEBBIE Gibson looks lithe and toned, I have to say that the layouts of Tiffany are much better spank fodder since she has an amazing set of naturally large mammaries.

I bring all of this up why? Because after the schlock-tastic success of Gibson's original SyFy movie MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS (and have I mentioned that renaming that site to something phonetic is just plain laziness and all levels of wrong?) and Tiffany later striking success with her own mega movie, MEGA PIRANHA, the network decided to get the two '80's babes together and join forces for a third Mega movie, perfectly titled MEGA PYTHON VS GATOROID! There's even speculations that the producers are going to try and get the phony "rivalry" that the two had from back in their musical days to shine through on celluloid. I, for one, can't wait!

Extra Tidbit: And if it fails, we'll always get the chance to see more nakedness from the both of them! EVERYBODY WINS!
Source: MTV
Tags: taylor swift


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