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Meg Turney & Jessica Nigri show off their excellent cosplayer butt cleavage

03.31.2017by: Droz

I realize some of you might be a little iffy on who Meg Turney and Jessica Nigri are. Those of a geek persuasion will probably know very well who they are. Basically, they're the ones who walk around at major Comic Con events dressed like sexy anime characters you've never heard of, while being tailed by a crowd of sweaty geeks working up the courage to ask for a selfie. It's a dubious path to celebrity, but these two make it work by combining their totally bangability with a prolific knowledge of many things geek. Recently the two nerd fantasy girls teamed up for a photoshoot, wherein they set aside the obscure anime characters for almost pointless knitted dresses. They're doing a fine job of advocating for the butt cleavage in modern day fashions. If only more hotties would let their asses hang out like they do their boobs, this would be a much happier land.

Source: Instagram


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