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Meet Filipino hottie Valeen Montenegro

07.21.2015by: Droz

The poor hygiene habits of Filipino men notwithstanding, I'm still thankful for FHM for introducing me to yet another of sexy little Pinoy hottie. They do seem to have a lot of them, all blessed melting pots of that island nation's long history of intermingling from peoples the world over. I've got such a thing for the ladies from there, sourced from the significant Filipino population we had in the town where I grew up. That meant lots of cuties like model and actress Valeen Montenegro running around. I think I got a crush on every last one of them too. It would be challenge not to fall in love with creatures so delectable as Valeen here. I never got to see any of them stretched out in a bikini though. That would have been nice, but probably not as good as Valeen's presentation here. I love a girl that's cute and sexy at once.

Source: FHM


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