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Meagan Good's striking display of true beauty at the People's Choice Awards

01.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

Any cutie with a half decent pair of tits, and a willingness to give small glimpses of them by way of revealing attire, can spark some deviant, masturbatory fantasies in almost anybody; that's easy. It takes a true beauty like the curvaceous Meagan Good to inspire romantic notions and lovey-dovey sentiment. Profane thoughts such as: I'd f*#k her raw are replaced with sappy notions like: I would do anything for this woman, she doesn't even have to ask; I'd dedicate my every waking moment to making her happy. A tall order I know, but one I can't help but think is true. It's hard to look at her in attendance to the People's Choice awards looking the way she does and not think of those proclamations as anything but the truth. Her youthful glow is undimmed by time; in fact, I'd say the aging process has only worked in her favor. I find myself just as taken aback by images of her as I did when I first took notice. What a woman!

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