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Meagan Good welcomes you to check out every sexy curve at the BET Awards

06.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

You never have to worry whether or not one of the many celebrity photographers at events like the BET awards will get the all-important ass shot when it's the curvaceous Meagan Good walking the red carpet. This girl always comes to play, wearing her attention getting intentions on her sleeve (if she ever wore something with enough fabric for sleeves). When a good Christian woman has an ass made for devilish fun, not even Jesus' musings on purity and the dangers of temptation can stop her from tempting the world with eyefuls of her fine booty packed into a tight dress. Compound those sinful thoughts with a slight glance to the north; there you'll find even more – and much less covered – protruding parts... her always unsupported chest: The Megan Good Special. If only she was as careful when selecting her hairstylist as she is when selecting her wardrobe. Sorry, but I've never been a fan of the whole shaved head on the side, thing. Still, Not even overzealous clippers can diminish the joy that comes with giving Meagan Good's goods a thorough examination.

Source: Hot CelebX


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