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Meagan Good imprints on a pair of skintight leggings

05.05.2017by: No Cool Handle

We don't see much of Meagan Good around here anymore; from the looks of things, the once popular hottie has been busy keeping that curvaceous figure in primo condition. Take a look at her slender waistline, them juicy thighs and a clear impression of her lady parts imprinting on those tight leggings ... Man, she looks better than ever. It'd be nice to see her take a cue from fellow fitness freaks Christina Milian and Julianne Hough – two hotties known for hitting the gym wearing nothing but a sports bra and booty shorts – and show up out of door in just the bare necessities. I'm chomping at the bit to get a good look at that toned tummy of hers. Despite an unhealthy adherence to good Christian values, Meagan Good never showed signs of struggling with the moral conundrum that comes with trading flesh for publicity. Her career could use a good shot in the arm; a reminder that she's still around and still beautiful. A bit more skin would do the trick.

Source: The Nip Slip


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