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McKinney, Dobrev and Justice round out your 2015 kid & teen choice hottie experience

08.17.2015by: Droz

Once again an awards show presumably intended for an underage audience nonetheless brings out all the fine hotties looking to show off their bods in various hot ways. I wonder if the weirdness of that seeming contradiction ever creeps into their minds as they sport the massive side boob or see thru to ass stuff like Charlotte McKinney, Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice were doing. I get why Nina and Vicky were there. They've got cred with the underage crowd. But what's Charlotte doing at this? Not that I'm complaining. I always appreciate any opportunity to see some huge Charlotte sideboob. Still, there's nothing kid-friendly about Charlotte. That's big boy fun right there, if only just for the logistical issues in even getting close to wrapping a hand around those massive knockers of hers. Gotta give Victoria a pat on the back for doing double duty. She went south of the border to do their Mexican Kid's Choice show, then returned to the States for our Teen Choice awards, all in the same weekend. What a trooper she is. Any chance at being absolutely radiant in public, she's gonna take it. And that's why we love her so much.

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