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Maxim dubs Stella Maxwell the world's hottest women

06.02.2016by: No Cool Handle

That's right, Stella Maxwell​ is queen of the hill, top of the heap, a one percenter; what other sexy tranches fill in the mising 99% of Maxim's top 100 women of 2016 list? - you'll have to wait until June 14th to find out. Kind of backwards isn't it, revealing the top lass before ticking off her inferior competition? The headline should read: Major Spoiler. I want to wait and see the entire list before I contest the validity of Maxim's decision. For now, lets just focus on the girl of the hour.

One year after landing a contract with Victoria’s Secret and secretly wishing for a pair of wings—an honor typically reserved for the brand’s top talent—she got a call from her agent telling her she’d officially be the first Irish Angel. More like Victoria's Secret first Angel with some Irish in her.

Has no Angel before her truly never had an ounce of green blood coarsing through their veins? I find that hard to swallow, but I suppose Victoria's Secret would know. Anyway, this relatively unknown is a lovely, fresh face; no doubts there. But I always though success factored into the selection process. Beauty is subjective, however, I'm sure you could measure her accomplishments against many other hotties, and she'll be found wanting -- previous romantic attachments Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart out qualify her in that regard. But enough pissing on her parade... congratulations are in order. These are some fine photos. So hot, I'm sure many out there will be congratulating to her on more than one occasion. What greater honor is there?

Source: Maxim


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