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Maxim Colombia helps bring out the curves on Daniela Lopez Osorio

08.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

Of course, a collaboration between Daniela Lopez Osorio and Maxim's Colombian equivalent would result in a collection of visual treats; plying her trade with a home-field advantage certainly adds an extra zing. Her ass is the most stimulating/invigorating thing to come out of the South American country since Colombian Dark Roast coffee. Speaking of her ass: that thing looks like bigger, and more rounded out, than ever; while, amazingly, the rest of her genetically superior body stayed fit in all the right places. There are very few hotties running around capable of diverging some extra cushion to that most desirable region. Imagine if everyone could precisely target where those extra pounds go. With one little spill of her secret, Ms. Osorio could put every cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills out of business.

Source: Maxim Colombia


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