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Matthew Modine's daughter Ruby is a jewel of a beauty at Kong premiere

03.10.2017by: Cherry Liquor
In case you weren't aware of it, Matthew Modine had a career as a semi-pretty boy in 1980's crap movies before playing Eleven's mad scientist father figure on Stranger Things. I always considered him kinda boring, about one step above Anthony Edwards on the charisma scale back when they were trying to promote him as a lusty sex symbol in stuff like VISION QUEST before coming to the understanding that he was going to be that Nice Guy fodder for the more interesting female lead (MARRIED TO THE MOB, for example). So who would have known that he was this interesting dude off camera, marrying a gorgeous Afro-Latina back in 1980, long before he kicked off his acting career, and then staying married to her for the past 37 years and creating the gorgeous Ruby Modine, who has recently been showing off her own acting skills (and nubile body) on the seventh season of Shameless. The father-daughter combo were seen together at the Hollywood premiere of KONG: SKULL ISLAND and dammit, it really makes me like the guy. Especially when I read interviews where Ruby explains that her parents still fall asleep on the couch snuggling while watching TV. Let's just hope they weren't checking out her squirting scene because there's cool and then there's creepy.
Source: Got Celeb


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