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Matilda Jo Price is yet another Aussie angel face to swoon over

07.08.2015by: Droz

We all know that Australia produces the sexiest women on the planet. Some magic combination of burning hot climate, prison sex and the terrible fear of deadly animals has given them a special advantage in the bangability department. Yet another name to add to that endless scroll of gorgeous Aussie femininity is model Matilda Jo Price. Is that not the most Australian name ever or what? She's named after the damn national song. She better be the sexiest export they've yet produced. Tough to make that call, considering all the historically bangable women who have come out of there, but Matilda is right up there with the best of them. I'm not known for swooning myself, but Matilda is like the best parts of Emilie de Ravin and the 90s version of Alicia Silverstone were merged in a lab and produced Matilda. Sounds like the stuff of dreams come true for me. Seeing her in a bikini just clinches my new found love for her. Very nice to meet you, Matilda. Come back soon.

Model Matilda Jo Price Model Matilda Jo Price
Source: GotCeleb


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