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Mary Elizabeth Winstead's angel wings are just as good as capes and bat wings

03.21.2016by: Droz

Oh good! It seems Mary Elizabeth Winstead's renewed interest in making public appearances wasn't just limited to the efforts required of her CLOVERFIELD movie. MEW was there along with many other fine hotties for the BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN premiere, wearing herself a sexy little hip-hugging blue number. Unfortunately, she seemed determind not to give us a rear view on that tight number. I'll bet she looked even better from that angle. Alas. Anyway, speaking of 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, it looks like it's done okay at the box office. Not powerhouse earnings, but it's certainly in the black with a healthy profit margin. I was hoping it was poised to be one of those sleeper hits you sometimes get around this time of year, but I'm just as content to see it become a cult thing. Speaking of cults, how great is it to be one of MEW's devoted stalkers fans? I get all kinds of giddy when I see fresh pics of her circulating around. She makes getting up and doing things on a bullshit Monday morning actually kinda fun for a minute. And for that, she gets all the praise I could ever muster.

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