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Mary Elizabeth Winstead spreads her radiance all over Sundance

01.25.2016by: Droz

There has been, let's say a mixed response to Mary Elizabeth Winstead's new movie SWISS ARMY MAN, which is currently screening at Sundance. That's putting it kindly. In truth, folks have been bolting from the theater midway through it. Details are a little sketchy on why that is, but it seems the film's bizarre splicing of INTO THE WILD and WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S, along with a penchant for fart jokes, came as something of a turn off for the more stodgy types who probably prefer their cinema experience come with a Bergmanesque approach. Me, I'm down with it if only just because my dream girl MEW is in it. I don't know the extent of her role in the movie, but a little bit of Mary goes a long way. For example, these shots of MEW below on hand at the premieres for this movie, as well as a new magazine spread. Having Mary around, looking adorable in knit cap, must make any experience better. I bet her farts smell like Snickerdoodle cookies. I wish I hadn't thought that just now.

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