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Mary Elizabeth Winstead looked sexy as usual with her shifty doe eyes

06.08.2016by: Droz

I'm always of the opinion that Mary Elizabeth Winstead takes the cake in everything. Which is why it's probably a good idea I wasn't at this Fragrance Award thing she attended, as I'd give her every award. For in addition to being beautiful and talented and sexy, I'm certain MEW also smells like a perfect combination of flowers and baking cookies. Unfortunately, we'll never know for sure how nice it must be to breathe in MEW, but we know for damn sure how good it is to look at her. I'm especially impressed with the magic of her eyes here. She goes from innocent and sweet, to devilishly sexy in the course of only a few pics. If only I could get MEW to look at me with any of the eyes she's making in the gallery below. I know I would die a happy man, probably right there on the spot.

Source: NSFW


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