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Mary Elizabeth Winstead is all set to make Fargo season 3 even better

01.13.2017by: Droz

Looks like it's not gonna be until April that I find a reason to watch anything on my TV besides Netflix or video games. For that's when the new season of Fargo premieres, starring the lovely Mary Elizabeth Winstead, seen here getting leggy at the TCA Winter panel. I'm gonna have to get creative on how I watch that new season, since I'm $180 a month flusher without any Comcast bill to worry about now. However I manage to tune in, that's definitely gonna be must see TV for me. Fargo was just that before MEW signed up, but now it really is. I'm all about anything she does. Doesn't matter if the subject matter isn't for me. As long as it's got Mary, I'm captivated. That said, if the Fargo folks can bring about a few moments like those below for their new season, I'd consider that the best bonus content ever.

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