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Mary Elizabeth Winstead invents a new workplace dress - business hotness

05.09.2016by: Droz

As attractive as the prospect of working at a place where I could see Mary Elizabeth Winstead every day sounds, I'm not sure I could function effectively at my job were she running around with a literal tight ass skirt on of the sort she was wearing on location for her new alien invasion conspiracy theory show Braindead. Any mundane workplace drudgery cannot withstand MEW's beautiful ass in a tight skirt. She'd definitely get my ass fired, if not because of my poor productivity, than definitely because of some passive sexual harassment claim. I don't know if someone can be fired for gazing slack-jawed and drooling at a coworker 8-hours a day, but I'm pretty sure that would at least put a guy on HR's radar. Couldn't no one blame me though. MEW's ass is one of the more precious things in the world to me. You can't expect me not to worship it.

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