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Marvelous views of Alexis Ren await in her latest Lili Claspe spread

05.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

Lili Claspe - a jewelry sales company who oftentimes display their sparkling products as swimwear accessories - just released one of the sexiest Alexis Ren photo shoots to date (I always found jewelry and bikinis an impractical combination). I'd love to see more collaborations between our lady of the bikini and the wisely chosen fashion photographer, Trever Hoehne; someone who really knows how to play to her strengths. So many of these established guys tend to favor drawing attention to their artistic prowess rather than shooting their subject for maximum sexual impact - this guy can do both. Take a look at the fifth pic: That picture is worthy of being displayed in a gallery because he knows it's the ass that's the work of art, framing only Alexis' amazing form in a moment of perfect posturing. Many in this collection are like that; all of her drool inducing features dominate each frame to the point you'd never realize the whole reason for this shoot was to show/sell jewelry. And don't even get me started on all the topless, arm bra, side boob, down blouse goodness on display here. Best you experience that shit for yourself.

Source: Lili Claspe


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