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Marvel continues to recruit models like Adrianne Palicki to guard our homeland

09.24.2015by: No Cool Handle

I enjoy my superhero diversions just as much as any bloke, but it's becoming difficult to suspend disbelief when they won't cast a single female below a 9. It's not just Agents of Shield and really not just superhero shows; it's all of them. After a while it becomes a glaring issue when watching basically models playing cops, killers and secret government agents. Now we can add Adrianne Palicki to the list of implausibly hot heroines. We've got Megan Good miscast in the new Fox spinoff of Minority Report; watching the show you can't help but think she would have to spend too much time preening to get those kind of magazine cover results -- when would she solve crimes? In the first episode of Gotham season two: they put Barbara Gordon in a prison full of male violent offenders wearing a -- and I'm not joking -- prison striped dress and sporting perfect make up and salon quality hair.

I've been a fan of Adrianne Palicki. In John Wick she showed she can camp it up while still maintaining a straight face. I'm also not saying that we can't have some lovely talent to look at while enjoying weekly recycled plots. But can we mix-and-match a little bit? Get a few homely (or just plain ordinary) looking ladies into the mix. Here's an idea; how about just dial down this girls sexiness a tad. Let them get dirty, sweaty or even a little bloody from all the constant ass kicking. If you cut to her after she's been in a fight or in a chase and she still looks ready for a close-up...your reducing her to nothing more than a plastic action figure. That goes for the dudes as well.


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