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Marry/Date/Friend: Eliza Dushku vs Katheryn Winnick vs Lena Headey

01.25.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Last week went down the way I figured it would, with the majority of you pegging Rachel McAdams as being marriage material. I wasn't surprised to see that many of you feared my marriage choice when it came to having her as a romantic partner, long-term or otherwise, fitting Kat Dennings into the friendzone. Elizabeth Olsen bounced around in different roles for each of you but most were more into dating Lizzy than anything else.

I don't know how many of you will feel compelled to give money to RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER this weekend, but it made me think of three of the stronger, more ass kicking actresses out there who need some love right now. But how much love would you reserve for each of them?

Marry: Your forever gal, for better or worse.

Date: Your temporary gal, to have fun with but eventually walk away from.

Friend: Your best buddy gal, with whom you have all the laughs but none of the "benefits."

Katheryn Winnick


Tough but Private - One of the things I love best about Katheryn is that aside from her reputation for being a viking ass kicker on her show, Vikings, you don't know much about her other than what she feels like sharing. Keeping a relationship out of the public eye gets high marks in my opinion and Katheryn could definitely deliver that.

Feminine - While it's easy to think of someone as Michelle Rodriguez as being a tough actress, the side effect is that she's kinda rough all around. I like that Katheryn has managed to give everyone the impression that she's not to be f*cked with while still presenting herself as soft and approachable.

Canadian - Right about now, the good people from America's Hat are really tooting my horn. The kindness, consideration, strong work ethic and supportive natures they exhibit are legendary and who wouldn't want to have that in their life 24/7?


Workaholic - Because her star is still rising, it means that Winnick is not going to be as available for downtime as some other actresses with heavily established stars.

Background in Martial Arts - While many consider this to be a plus (and in many regards, I do as well), for the sake of the argument, I just want you to consider that Kat is the kind of woman who could kick your ass rather efficiently and be zen about it otherwise. Luckily, she IS Canadian...

Rapidly Approaching 40 - Winnick just turned 38,and while that's not the death knell to the career that it once was, it does mean that there will be opportunities missed due to bullshit age discrimination. And an actress who is still striving to be fully established might be cranky if she's still fighting with the man.


 Out of all the women here, you can't go wrong but you can go a lot right if you were to pick Katheryn Winnick as your permanent partner. Tough but soft at the edges, kind and hard working, she's one of those gals who is a great collaborator.

Eliza Dushku


Ties to the World of Whedon - He might not always be able to sell a program, but when it comes to cool fanboy points, being associated with Joss Whedon ranks really high up there. Those cast parties alone would be worth any type of negative Dushku could throw at you.

Slow rate of aging - If anything, Eliza Dushku continues to look better and better with age (certainly since her days as a teenager on the set of TRUE LIES), which isn't just beneficial for looking at but for being booked in roles as well.

Loyal - Not only is she still close friends with actress Clare Kramer from their time on Buffy and BRING IT ON, Eliza maintained a 5-year long relationship with former NBA star Rick Fox, an accomplishment that sticks out when you factor in athletes and their roving eyes.


Low Budget Bin - While some actresses get lucky enough to be considered indie queens, this isn't the case with Dushku, who seems to struggle with getting good roles in underfunded projects. Unless she's with Joss, she seems to be undervalued by Hollywood.

Smoker - Eliza has been smoking regularly since the age of 15 and while she might be aging great, that shit eventually takes a toll on everything, from your health to the smell getting into everything you own. Plus, kissing a smoker is gross - unless you are one, I suppose.

Limited Range - Dushku might be great at playing tough but that seems to be about it, coming off laughable in some of her dramatic roles. Combined with her prudishness (getting more nude earlier in her career might have saved her from disappointing crap B-movies for the most part), it severely limits her ability to book work.


There are things I both love and hate about Eliza Dushku, but if I have to ponder whether or not she's dating or friend material, I'll go for the faithful girlfriend over the raving lunatic she might be as a friend, complaining about what roles she does and doesn't get.

Lena Headey


Quality Actress - I have long considered the ability to get audiences to absolutely despise a character was the mark of a truly great actor and if that's all it takes, well, Lena Headey has it in spades. Whether you hate her incestuous royal turn on Game of Thrones or her overbearing motherly turn on The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Headey is confrontational as an actress and that makes her infinitely interesting.

Tattooed & DGAF - Whenever I see Lena on a red carpet or at a big fan event such as San Diego Comic Con, she has this air of Don't Give A F*ck about her, while she shows off the multitude of tattoos that they have to extensively cover up when she's in character. The way she struts, it's magnetic.

Star Connections - Lena has worked with everyone from the gang over at GoT to my favorite Kiwi, Karl Urban. She's loved and respected, not to mention coveted for roles from flashy to voice overs (Danger Mouse, anyone?). I would kill to attend one of her dinner parties, if she was common enough to throw them.


Wild - Although she was married for 6 years, I still get the impression that Headey is not down to be tamed. She likes what she likes, does what she wants to do and otherwise won't be as cooperative of a mate, if that's what you're looking for.

Workaholic - She's not well-known without reason - this tough lady puts in the hours and is all over the globe for roles. This might be lonesome for some of you looking for extended cuddle time.

Vindictive - I don't know if vindictive is the right word but Headey onec had a relationship with actor Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn on GoT, and the two hated each other so much, they have clauses in their contracts they'll never share a scene or be on set at the same time. Yikes.


Lena is exactly the kind of woman I like having in my arsenal of friends. She's tough, wicked, witty, her own person, fierce and loyal - to friends. I can't imagine ever being tough enough to withstand a romantic relationship with her though.

Now, let's hear your choices!

Source: IMDB


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