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Marry/Date/Friend: Ireland Baldwin vs Katie Cassidy vs Zoe Kravitz

12.13.2017by: Cherry Liquor

It was a mixed bag of reactions when I presented you with the choice of Kate Hudson, Sophia Bush and Hayden Panettiere the last time we visited the Marry/Date/Friend options. I had figured more of you would be into the fits-in-your-hand cuteness of Hayden but it was more of a Marry Hudson party that I could have predicted. Only one person thought that Bush was good enough for the long haul.

This week, with the feat that Ridley Scott is attempting in ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD by replacing Kevin Spacey at the last minute, I started to think about the nubile but of-age babes that have come from celebs, all of whom can (and in some cases, have) replaced their parents in the world of hotness. So here are 3 of the most visible, tasty celebrity offspring to choose from.

Marry: Your forever gal, for better or worse.

Date: Your temporary gal, to have fun with but eventually walk away from.

Friend: Your best buddy gal, with whom you have all the laughs but none of the "benefits."

Zoe Kravitz


Talent of Her Own - Zoe looks a lot like her mother, Lisa Bonet, and moves in the same sultry manner as her father, Lenny Kravitz, but aside from the name association, she's managed to carve out her own path in the acting world, slowly growing with each project she's taken on.

Laid Back Hippie Hot - Kravitz maintains a pretty low-key lifestyle where she looks amazing without really trying. I get the impression that it's not a faked persona either, like some other celebs who would love for you to believe that they're not a jumbled up mess of neurosis.

Neat & Petite - While she might have a hippie sense of style, Zoe also isn't sporting hairy armpits or smelly, dirty fashion staples either. She's a neat little hippie in a darling sized package.


Eating Disorder History - Kravitz has admitted to having issues with her body image, as many people who have grown up in the public eye tend to have dealt with. Being around people with eating issues can be a trying position to be in.

Piercings - There are a lot of sexy things about a woman with a unique sense of style. The cow-ring septum piercing is not one of them.

Musical Aspirations - I get it. When your mom is (was?) an actress and your dad is (was?) a rock musician, you're going to put a toe into each of those pools. However, it's a hard thing to keep up with for those of us who would want to scream, "PICK ONE!"


 While Zoe might not be the highest on my list of celebs I want to put a ring on, out of these three, she definitely seems like the most stable, long-term fun one of the bunch. Plus, her connections in the industry are rather tantalizing.

Katie Cassidy


Beach Bunny - Being from California, I need to have a person in my life who appreciates the beach life. Whenever Katie isn't filming, she's wandering the sands in a bikini. That bikini bod is great, the desire to be amongst the waves is even nicer.

Totally Fappening - Yes, I do hate it when people hack celebs and put their private moments out in the universe for every sleazy POS to drool over. However, those leaked pics show that Katie is a wildcat with a disarming sexiness that somehow doesn't translate as well when she's acting it out than when she's living it.

Multi-Talented - I doubt that Cassidy is ever going to blow up as an actress but she keeps herself busy, including dabbling in the fashion industry, proving that she is hungry enough for those bigger paychecks that she'll work her butt off for them.


Too Skinny - In more recent years, Katie has put on some muscle for her role as Black Canary on Arrow but there was a point where she got scary skinny and looked like a tuned-out tweaker. NOT a good look.

Family History of Drug Abuse - The thing I worried about when I did see those Fappening pics of Katie was that she looked as if she was hopped up on coke, a drug her now deceased father was too familiar with. Addictions can be genetic, so I'd be concerned she might follow in his footsteps.

Forever Fringe - I believe Cassidy will be able to find roles in television for many years, but that won't make her a huge breakout A-lister. She'll be constantly employed but never quite lunchbox fodder.


Katie Cassidy has a dirty sexy side to her that she keeps under wraps as she presents herself as a relatively squeaky clean CW hottie. She's a fun chick who works hard but probably will constantly be reaching for a status higher than she can achieve. Definitely couldn't pass this up in the short-term.

Ireland Baldwin


Looks Like Kim - The closest you'll ever come to getting cozy with the young sex goddess that was Kim Basinger is with the similar-looking Ireland. Squint and stand on a chair and you might just pull that illusion off.

Fit but Soft - There is something amazing about the way that Ireland has managed to be a model without starving herself into bony thinness. She has curves but isn't sloppy. The excessive height helps but damn, that is old school sexy curviness she's rocking.

Bisexual - It's a plus, it's a minus, it is what you make of it. (I consider anyone who isn't afraid to be open about their sensual side a plus.)


Acts like Alec - Many years ago we heard that infamous voice mail from Ireland's dad about her bad behaviour. People tend to get that angry when their kid acts like the side of themselves they hate the most.

Emotional Drama Issues - At one point Ireland went into rehab for "exhaustion," which often in a smokescreen for emotional breakdowns or drug addictions, neither of which are great for a long-term partner selection.

A Little Dopey - There is something about Ireland's expressions that make me wonder if she's tripping out on some really great drugs or is a half-wit who seriously can't put together than intelligent thought in her head.


She's beautiful, she's hot but there's not much else going on other than her connections to a world full of other famous people you'd want to get closer to. Friends for life!

Now, let's hear your choices!

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