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Marry/Date/Friend: Cobie Smulders vs Kerry Washington vs Yvonne Strahovski

10.18.2017by: Cherry Liquor

In the last Marry/Date/Friend, I felt the choices were really simple for me. Turned out to be not so much for you guys, with votes coming in from all directions for Evangeline Lilly, Michelle Rodriguez and Ali Larter. The majority of you were planning on friending Lilly, but that was the only clear-cut responses. Seems as if you couldn't have gone wrong with any of them.

There is less for me to pick from with the spate of movies getting released this week, unless I slammed everyone's head into the wall and made this entire month revolve around everything horror, what with Halloween coming up. Instead, since this time of year is also the kick-off for a lot of fall TV programming, I thought I would look at 3 ladies who have made a strong impact on the small screen, in a variety of roles.

Marry: Your forever gal, for better or worse.

Date: Your temporary gal, to have fun with but eventually walk away from.

Friend: Your best buddy gal, with whom you have all the laughs but none of the "benefits."

Yvonne Strahovski


Devil in the Details - Of course, Yvonne is a gorgeous woman. It's the fact that her smile curls at the corners of her mouth like a slightly demented female Joker that puts that glossy perfection into perspective. Haunting, frightening, delightful beauty.

Long & Hard - Did you know that as difficult as it is to memorize how to spell and pronounce Strahovski that it's not even her real last name? No, that would be "Strzechowski." That's what happens when a Polish girl is raised in Australia - wicked sense of humour, that one.

Loyal - Yvonne has stuck it out with boyfriends (it took her over 6 years with her now-husband before she married him) and TV shows (remember every year how Chuck was on the cancellation block?).


PETA supporter - You can love animals and be against animal cruelty and find a much better organization than PETA to put your celebrity behind.

Career Struggles - While Yvonne is now basking in the success of her Hulu show, "The Handmaid's Tale," there have been plenty of craptastic affairs that she wound up in that only wasted our already too-short attention spans.

Gorgeous, smart, strong - She's model-beautiful, got straight A's all throughout school, is long, lean, tall and can kick your ass. You would struggle to make her subservient to you. Can your ego actually handle it all?


 Whenever an interview with Yvonne speaking in her Aussie accent shows up, I'll watch it multiple times, as if hypnotized. She's not just some lovely piece of atmosphere to admire, she's also funny, sharp-witted and engaging. Her looks just happen to be icing. I'm super jealous of her new husband right now.

Kerry Washington


High Society Middle Class - From what I've learned about Washington, her parents weren't huge money makers (dad was in real estate, mom was a teacher) and Kerry grew up attending the same Boys & Girls Club as J-Lo. She was also accepted at both Yale & Dartmouth, which she turned down to go to George Washington University. It's always good to see someone in the middle shine at the top of the stage.

Unassuming Beauty - Kerry has talked about being passed over for roles because she wasn't vivacious enough, a striking notion considering that she shines brightly when on the big screen and is currently one of the most beautiful women kicking ass on television in Scandal.

Hardcore Drive - Washington worked on her show throughout both of her pregnancies, once up until she was 8 months along, and also returned quickly after giving birth. Motherly heroics are always my favorite.


Constantly reaching - Kerry has explained that she considers acting a continually evolving instrument that never quite gets mastered, which means she's always going to be putting her 110% into work, leaving less time for you, if you're a needy bastard.

Wicked Smart - For me, this is a huge plus. I like smart people. I like people who engage in open thought. But it seems in this current atmosphere of anti-intellectualism that I'm riding in an underfilled rescue boat.

Roller Coaster Career - While I love that Washington has said she doesn't allow her personal politics to restrain her role choices ("I can't do that because I don't ever want to play, you know a drug addict."), there's a far reach between DJANGO UNCHAINED and stuff like PEEPLES.


Smart women are a conundrum, really. They're a blast to be around on so many different levels, from invigorating conversations to uninhibited everything else, but they also see right through any of your bullshit and have a low tolerance for putting up with it, which leaves 90% of us in the dust.

Cobie Smulders


Funny AF - Robin Sparkles. Out of everything that Smulders did during her run on How I Met Your Mother, it was the teenage pop singer persona that made me love her the best.

Gives & She Gets - Yes, she's funny. But it's even cooler that Cobie loves the funny enough to marry it and have babies with it (her husband is former Saturday Night Live regular Taran Killam). Plus, she's Canadian, the all-around best nationality to be associated with.

Ass Kicker - Yes, she can make you laugh. She can also annihilate you with the movie magic that comes from being Agent Maria Hill.


Former Model - This one is a bit harder to explain to those who don't have personal experience with it but being in the modeling industry does warp people to varying degrees. Since she's Canadian, I'm sure Smulders escaped mostly unscathed.

Failed Wonder Woman - Smulders was the voice of Wonder Woman in THE LEGO MOVIE and it was Joss Whedon who joked that she was his choice for Diana. Is this really a negative? Have you been reading up on Whedon lately?

Tom Cruise - I always worry a little about the celebs who have worked with Cruise (for Cobie, it was in JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK). He's a charismatic little shit who attempts to peddle Scientology to everyone he works with.


I don't know terribly much about Smulders but she definitely seems like the kind of woman who would drink a brew, chow down on some processed food-type snacks and spend the afternoon laughing with you while streaming Trailer Park Boys. And that is lifelong friendship material, folks.

Now, let's hear your choices!

Source: IMDB


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