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Marry/Date/Friend: Ali Larter vs Evangeline Lilly vs Michelle Rodriguez

10.04.2017by: Cherry Liquor

It feels as if it's been a lot longer than 2 weeks since we hit up the Marry/Date/Friend discussion, which last time featured 3 super hot women who could have been easily interchangeable in any of those categories. Other than one claim regarding Berry's drug & sexual proclivities ranking her marriage material, Halle was mainly a date option for you, which was my choice for her. More of you fell on my side of wanting to marry Isla, with a couple preferring marrying instead of friending Eva Mendes.

There are a number of brutal movies coming out this weekend, from the visit down replicant road with BLADE RUNNER 2049 to making mayhem with Vince Vaughn in BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99 to even a bit of high action drama with THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US. So here are 3 of the tougher babes of TV & film to battle for your affections.

Marry: Your forever gal, for better or worse.

Date: Your temporary gal, to have fun with but eventually walk away from.

Friend: Your best buddy gal, with whom you have all the laughs but none of the "benefits."

Evangeline Lilly


Bird Flipper - I was slow to catch onto Lost, not watching it until the series was completed, but the one thing that stuck out from the excessive media coverage when it was hot on its run was how unbelievably beautiful Lilly was... and the lengths the paps went to get shots of her that were not. Which featured a lot of middle finger salutes. Which I love her for.

Tough Without Pay - I never got the impression that Lilly was playing tough when she was on the island show, what with all of the shots of her surfing and rock climbing and whatnot she did during her downtime.

More Than Skin Deep - I love the fact that Evangeline could have had her pick of any hot actor on the market and she chose to hitch her wagon to the hobbit-looking Dominic Monaghan instead. Those jug ears must have been grateful between her legs.


One Hit Wonder - While Lilly is one of the more successful graduates from the up-and-coming class from that show (out of those who had little to their resume before it), she is still rather one-note: the hot chick who can punch you in the face. Other than a minor role in THE HURT LOCKER where she was a sympathetic but confused military wife, she hasn't strayed from her pigeonholed cookie-cutter character.

Ambivalent Marriage Material - Lilly was married barely a year to a random fellow Canadian, whom she abandoned when she got the role on Lost and has since vowed off anything inked to paper. That might be a pro for some of you and a con for others.

Seat of Her Pants Gal - In interviews, Evangeline often refers to her choice to go into acting as a "psychological exercise," where she fell into acting and then learned to deal with what came with that. She admits to shying away from anything that immediately demands a commitment out of her. Being loosey-goosey with life can be adventurous and invigorating for some of you and torture for those who just want to know what's for dinner.


 While I wouldn't consider Evangeline Lilly to be at the top of my personal set of choices to marry, out of the three from this week, she makes the most sense for me. I like someone who operates independently and isn't needy, definitely what you'll get from her.

Ali Larter


Supernatural Fitness - She isn't just a superpower kissed hero on the small screen, she's also one in real life, showing twice that even pregnancy wasn't going to slow down her babelicious body. If anything, it increased her bust and showcased juicier mom curves.

High Beauty at Lowkey Prices - Larter is one of the more overlooked legacy babes from Hollywood, maintaining a figure and quality of beauty that others have to go under the knife for, all while being her own natural self and avoiding the tabloid drama that swamps the others.

Iceberg Aging - It's hard to process that Larter is 41-years old, what with her looking nearly the same in 2017 as she did when she put on that whipped cream bikini.


Those Teeth - There's really not anything necessarily wrong with her teeth in my own opinion but I have a guy friend who constantly remarks about Larter that she has "dick scraper" teeth. You guys will have to let me know if you've had similar experiences.

Fringe A-Lister - While a lot of us movie buffs consider Ali to be one of the more beautiful and versatile women working in Hollywood, it takes only a quick glance at her resume to realize that designation rests solidly on only a handful of projects we're intimately familiar with, which rests on a nostalgia principle. Yes, FINAL DESTINATION was amazing, but it's been 17 years since that first exceptional one and Larter hasn't had much else outside of RESIDENT EVIL flicks and Heroes.

Scaredy Cat - While Larter might appear in a lot of scary movies, she herself has said that she doesn't like to be scared. Which is no fun, in my (and perhaps some of your) opinion.


Ali Larter is beautiful, fit, funny and has said she doesn't like "pretty boys." She's nearly marriage material for me, but when I was pushed to make that decision, I went with the boinkfest option instead.

Michelle Rodriguez


Bisexual - Just because a woman is bisexual doesn't mean she's going to be proposing intimate threesomes on the regular. But it doesn't hurt the imagination aspect for some of us pervs.

Fitness All-Star - One of the things I appreciate most about MRod is that she's constantly been fit without ever looking as if she's spending inordinate amounts of time at the gym. I love that her health comes from actually getting out there and doing something, like surfing, throwing frisbee or rock-climbing, as we've all seen the paps pictures of her doing.

Fast & Forever - If you're with Michelle, you're going to be subjected to "The Family" on the regular. While some consider this a negative, I consider it a positive.


Bisexual - While it's a plus, it's also a minus, as you might wonder if she's considering all of her other options while she's with you.

Smoker - In more recent years, Rodriguez has switched to using a vape as her form of smoking, which I personally consider to be all that much more annoying (juvenile/hipster/trend-f*ckery) than smoking a real cigarette, which is also pretty gross.

Fast & Forever - See Above.


I consider Michelle Rodriguez to be insanely hot, super cool and definitely the kind of babe you want around in your inner circle for the rest of your life. In a way, she's marriage material, dating material and friend material, I just know which one of the three lasts the longest for me, so I put her in that category.

But in the Best of Both Worlds situation...

Now, let's hear your choices!

Source: IMDB


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