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Marisa Tomei is a hula ho as she's so addicted to hula hoops... seriously!

07.21.2010by: Randy the Ram

First lets thank our fellow schmoes from the forums for finding this gem (more specifically user echo_bravo). It's basically a video of the glorious Marisa Tomei playing with a hula hoop, what more could you possibly want? I know, she could be naked or better yet wearing some sexy lingerie or a skimpy skirt and in slow motion... one can only dream.

I just LOVE IT, LOOK AT HER HIPS GO! Seriously what more do you want, I love Marisa and I find it so cute to have her obsess over a hula hoop and be all playfully flirty but to have her dominate the toy is so hypnotic and oh so lower-lip-bitting hot!

Extra Tidbit: What's my obsession? Marisa Tomei playing with a hula hoop. What's yours?
Tags: Marisa Tomei


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