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Mariah Carey was Captain Cleavage for VH1's new Xmas Divas special

12.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
It's been a banner year for Mariah Carey and her return to hotness. From all the nipples poking through tops and popping out of swimsuits while vacationing in Hawaii with her new boyfriend this past week, you'd think that she was experiencing a Renaissance of Mature MILFetude or something. This time Mariah treated a whole audience to her stunning display of shiny boob flesh, pouring herself into a tight pink dress for her arrival to VH1's Divas Holidays: Unsilent Night, set to air this Monday night. She marched right onto that stage like the dude selling monorails in Springfield, all legs and tits while nailing her modern Xmas classic, "All I Want for Christmas." (If you can't wait for the full thing tonight, check out the sneak peek clip over at VH1.Com.
Source: Celebuzz


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