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Mariah Carey showed off her golden globes at the Oscars

02.28.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Honestly, Mariah Carey could screw up every single one of her future live singing performances and she'd still be ahead. The woman is a legend, with 14 number one singles (more than any other female performer and second only to The Beatles overall) and a delightful history of goofy behaviour that makes her far more interesting than straight arrow hotties such as Taylor Swift or wannabe rebels such as Katy Perry or even Madonna, who deliberately did any and all shocking acts for attention rather than happening to do weird shit and then needing to play it off. Ish happens. Boobs also happen when it comes to Carey, who enjoys showing off the money she spent on those things. But I'm guessing that in true Mariah fashion, she didn't plan on showing off her panties & mound flash (side pussy?), which is what makes moments like these with the singer all that much more entertaining than if someone else did them.

Source: Yahoo


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