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Mariah Carey puts heart, soul and boobs into her performance

02.21.2017by: No Cool Handle

Not only does Mariah Carey possess a set of lungs so big and so powerful, they grant her the ability to belt out one greatest hit after another, but, directly on top lies an equally big and powerful set of tits, all of which were used during her performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The 47-year-old diva, who flaunts her rack like a 25-year-old pinup model, was definitely seen more than she was heard; her wide-ranging voice drowned out by the sight of her wide bust, leaving audience members with something to think about during that "no one else around" time. How she kept those hot potatoes from spilling out of that red satin gown is anybody's guess – some industrial-strength adhesive, perhaps – but there was still enough bosom-left-bare to fully enjoy her performance; she undoubtably received a standing ovation. I'm willing to bet Jimmy Kimmel also had to tape something down, lest his trouser tent be seen by all in that moment he walks out on stage to congratulate Mariah Carey on a performance well done.

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