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Mariah Carey does little to conceal her rather large chest

03.24.2017by: No Cool Handle

I know, for a hottie who's proclivity for putting on a boob show wherever she goes is widely known, that headline will come as little surprise to anyone. Although, and up until now, Mariah Carey has been steadfast in her commitment to keeping the nipples out of the picture. Views of those specific pieces of flesh were never given, they only showed up during those fortuitous moments known as nip slips (of which there have been many). Something has changed; Mariah Carey has made the conscious decision to throw the entirety of her breasts into the visual mix, adding that last key ingredient into her normal brew of tit soup. The curvy vocalist showed up on this fine Hollywood evening flashing her high beams for the paparazzi. No, not in entirely unobstructed way a full fledged porn star might, in the way many celebrity hotties do – through expensive, transparent fabric. Maybe this old guard member of the Singers Guild took a cue from younger peers like Christina Milian. Or, we may never know what brought about this sudden change.

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