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Maria Sharapova heads to Montenegro to work on her bikini game

07.21.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Those legs. I normally don't notice much else about Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova outside of her athletic achievements other than those million mile long legs of hers. I know enough to know that she lost out on the Wimbledon championship this year, leaving her with some time on her hands to spend in the richer parts of the world where she could drink cocktails and work on her tan instead of downing sports drinks and perfecting her backhand. Hell, I don't even know if the backhand is her signature move because THOSE LEGS. And while I will never understand the haters (usually male) who try to bring down Serena Williams for looking masculine (unless they're all closeted homosexuals who thrive off of self-hatred), I can say that Williams is powerfully sexy with her toned arms, she'd clearly be a 17+ time runner up to Sharapova's stems.
Source: Mirror


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