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Maria Menounos was hot at the SAGs, but even hotter on the sidewalks

01.26.2015by: Droz

Maria Menounos was looking real fine at the SAG awards last night. Of course, Maria always looks real fine. That's just how it is when you're carrying around an ass like that - an ass Maria is fully aware her public demands to be exposed to whenever possible. These pics from last week are the perfect evidence of that. Observe her emerging from the car in her winter coat, looking all warm and comfortable within it's protective, furry arms as it defends her from the blisteringly cold NYC air. Even in the coat she looked imminently hot. However, a long coat obstructing views of dat ass clearly wasn't going to cut it where public demand is concerned. Thus the shedding of the coat and the making with ample butt shots, despite the winter chill. This is a woman who understands the needs of her people and is willing to set aside her own needs to give those people what they need. She's a true patriot for the cause of getting people off. God bless her and all the good work she does.

Source: NSFW


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