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Maria Menounos took the booty out to play in Las Vegas

07.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
When you're Jennifer Lopez, your famous butt brings all the other butts to the yard and if there's one out there which might have the slimmest chance of besting Jenny's, it's that of Maria Menounos. The former "Extra" correspondent was in Las Vegas over the weekend for JLo's 47th birthday bash, rubbing cheeks with other posterior-ally blessed ladies in one of those press line-ups that only happen when a famous person decides to make sure everyone knows they were born. Maria hasn't been showing off the goods as much since she moved on to that before-the-movies promo shit gig she has now (not that I'm complaining about seeing her announce commercials, although it does speak to the fact that even when I reserve my seats, I'm still one of those people who shows up before the trailers even start), so this short dress hugging those famous attributes was a pleasure to see on display again. And all of those bright lights giving her a bit of the stoner gaze is amusing as well.
Source: Got Celeb


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