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Maria Menounos + Tight Leather + High Slits = Awesome

08.25.2016by: Droz

Maria Menounos was on hand for the premiere of the new season of Netflix's new show Narcos, wearing herself a sexy little leather number with the high slit up the middle, putting us mere inches away from paradise. The chief claim to fame I most often associate with Maria is her legendary ass. The next entry on Maria's list tends to fluctuate. It used to be her time as a presenter on Extra and also in the occasional movie which was in need of an uncredited presenter to act as a link between scenes. But then she quit all that to become a reality TV star, which didn't quite pan out. Nowadays, she's the one who talks about all that crap playing in the background while you're texting before the movie starts. Yeah, these are somewhat dubious things to be famous for - all except for the ass part. That's always going to be highly praiseworthy.

Source: NSFW


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