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Maria Menounos threw some booty into her boob show

01.11.2016by: Droz

Now we're getting into the main event for boobs this weekend. Yes, the Golden Globes. And what a ridiculous show it was this year and every year really. I wasn't able to catch most of it, thanks to the censors silencing all the potty mouths running around thinking they were broadcasting on HBO or some place where cussing was okay. Actually, it might have been okay if they had just cut out all the dialogue, as there was some really dumb shit being spoken. As is the case with most of the award shows, about the only thing worth paying attention to were the hotties, which to this show's credit, were abundant. I could list the dozens of them who showed up, but that would take forever and we don't have that kind of time. So right now, let's just focus on one hottie who always brings the most well rounded displays of sex appeal. That of course is Maria Menounos. That ass needs to be etched into the history books alongside the works of Da Vinci and Shakespeare as one of the truly epic creations of mankind. How glorious it is.

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