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Maria Menounos talked healthy food, showed off her taut tummy at AOL

03.10.2016by: Cherry Liquor
After dating the guy for nearly 19 years, Maria Menounos found herself getting proposed to during an interview with Howard Stern on his Sirius radio show this Wednesday. If we're to believe that she's only 37-years old that means the Italian locked down her hot ass when she was only 18-years old. Some reports have suggested that her strict Greek family disowned her (for a brief time) because he wasn't Greek. Menounos has been shilling her healthy eating cookbook since leaving that lush job over at "Extra," perhaps because the proof is in the pudding - one look at Maria and you get the feeling that she knows what she's talking about on how to eat right to stay looking fit. Menounos is also a part of the upcoming documentary THROUGH THE EYES OF FAITH, about a dancer who suffers a brain aneurysm and falls back on the support of famous friends who raise money for his health care. 
Source: Got Celeb


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