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Maria Menounos looked especially lovely at the 2015 Special Olympics

07.29.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I've always liked the fresh faced beauty of Maria Menounos, with her huge smile and exceptionally fit everything else. Now I like her just a little bit more. I am sensitive to the whole celebrities-at-the-Special-Olympics thing because I've worked with individuals with disabilities in the past (I also have a sister who has autism), so anything that comes off too phony grates on my nerves. However, Maria has been a part of the Special Olympics community for years now, even proving this fact by posting a throwback picture of herself at the age of 16, when she was just a budding pageant winner with higher aspirations.



Maria looked positively radiant as she walked the opening ceremonies with some of the athletes who were gathered in Los Angeles for the 2015 event on Monday, and then again at a basketball game on Tuesday. She might not have the greatest defense skills for BBall but it's kinda hard to fight that winning grin of hers.

I do wish that Justin Bieber hadn't been there (or anywhere, the world wouldn't suffer if he simply vanished from existence) but it is amusing to see how that Cody Simpson kid has morphed into a young version of Woody Harrelson. 
Source: Celeb Mafia


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