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Maria Menounos is one of my favorite women in televison

01.14.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

So many ceremonies, so little time. While the Golden Globe Awards are a whole lot of fun and everything, I suppose the fact that a ridiculous amount of sexy ladies show up to this thing called ELLE's Annual Women in Television Celebration should statistically make me a little more excited. While I can't pretend that the actresses who showed up to the former show didn't dress a little more seductively (and therefore, better), I can't deny my excitement seeing this lady looking absolutely wonderful. I'm talking, of course, about Maria Menounos, who sported a black outfit to the event that really didn't do too much to clue me in what she's rocking underneath, but it still all looks incredible, anyway. You gotta love when she stands sideways, though. That does give us an idea and that booty just won't stop. Hopefully, they gave out some awards that evening and one of the categories was Most Unstoppable Booty. I'm not saying Maria would be a shoe-in…but she'd totally win. 

Source: Got Celeb


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