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Maria Menounos, have you no shame?

10.11.2012by: Droz

Wow. This about the most shameless, obvious attempt at product promotion I've ever seen in my life. No big surprise that beautifully bootied babe Maria Menounos was pulling off this abomination of commercialism the other day on her seemingly impromptu trip to the store. With a photographer just feet away and with all camera settings totally optimized, the entirety of Maria's decision to pick up a couple bags of frozen Light Life Black Bean pseudo-burgers is documented in full detail. And just to make sure that everyone knew what she was doing, the bag of frozen Light Life Black Bean pseudo-burgers is always perfectly held so that it is the focal point of each image and the product logo is visible at all times. You should see the tons of pics I didn't upload here. Literally every move she makes is photographed, to the point where one can almost put it back together and make a movie out of it. There are dozens of pics of her reaching for the "burger" bags, putting it in her tote, taking it to the check out counter and finally walking out with it. And no easy and convenient plastic bag or reusable totes for Maria. She's gotta carry all that out by hand, just to make sure that label never leaves anyone's sight. Toss in some bananas and flowers there, just to make it look legitimate.

As if the thought of shitty, black bean veggie burgers wasn't already vomitous enough. It's a real good thing you're hotter than a snakes ass in a wagon rut, Maria. Anyone else trying to pull off this kind of idiotic "reality" marketing bullshit would find themselves on my banned list in a heartbeat. And just to distance myself from the stench of this, allow me to say that, in my opinion, no one should ever buy Light Life anything, ever. Frozen veggie burgers are awful and should never be consumed by anyone. Thank you.




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