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Maria Menounos continues to be a Healthy woman

06.16.2016by: Droz

How many covers has Maria Menounos done for Health magazine now? Seems like dozens. Yes, she is a healthy person. Such has been the case since before anyone knew who Maria Menounos was. With this established, I have to discuss the elephant in the room, or more specifically, the elephant not in the room. I get how the women in these spreads probably have some input in the themes and shots they do for their spreads. No doubt this is why Maria has chosen to leave her incredible backside absent from this spread and frequently downplay her natural wonder to a large degree overall as of late. That's her prerogative, but I gotta say that any magazine spread not featuring at least one shot of her ass is just pointless. That's like Charlotte McKinney doing a whole photoshoot clutching a briefcase to her chest, or Scarlett Johansson posing for her magazine spread wearing a bucket on her head. Just doesn't work. Maria without the ass is jelly without the peanut butter. Which may be why we haven't had as much reason to post her pics around here lately. Sadly, this Instagram shot is the best view we've had of Maria's ass in months:

That's just not right. Bring back the booty, Maria. Stop playing with our emotions this way.

Source: Health


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