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Maria Menounos and her butt had a meet and greet at the shopping mall

04.03.2015by: Droz

Apparently Maria Menounos has achieved fame to a sufficient degree that she can now tour suburban shopping malls in tight shit and have folks handing her little babies to kiss and ask her pose for selfies. Either that or she's running for political office somewhere. Hey, why not have Maria on a ticket? Girl certainly has a lot stronger work ethic than many of the pieces of shit we have to choose from every 4 years in this country. At least Maria can get shit done. Girl has built herself a mini-empire purely on the power of her superior body. That's not as easy as it sounds. I wonder what kind of platform Maria would run on. More government entitlements for reality stars? Wider seats for the large of ass on airplanes? Tax credits for the purchase of tight ass dresses? Makes sense. She'd definitely have to bring in her ass as a running mate though if she ever expects to lock up that southern vote. Maria and Ass in 2016 - Wiping Washington Clean. She's got my vote.

Source: NSFW


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