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Margot Robbie wipes out in spectacular style while getting her Gidget on

07.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Just call her Gnarly Quinn! Margot Robbie is making the most of her Hawaii vacation, tackling surfing before she has to hit the red carpet to promote the premiere of SUICIDE SQUAD in a couple of weeks. Leave it to Robbie to wipe out with style, looking fit and fabulous in that simple white one-piece. I know some people were commenting that she was looking thicker through the waist in that last bikini post but there's nothing wrong with a woman who enjoys living like a normal human being when she's not in the middle of training for a filming schedule. And do you really know anyone else who could still look just as beautiful without a stitch of makeup on as she does fully made up for the red carpet?
Source: Daily Mail


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