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Margot Robbie made NYC her catwalk, was a shiny unicorn at movie premiere

08.03.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I have to wonder how much of what Margot Robbie was photographed in this week while she was busy promoting SUICIDE SQUAD would have been choices selected from her own closet. I get the impression that Margot is probably even more laid back than the catwalk couture she was wearing while entering and exiting her hotel as well as those stops by Fallon & Kelly. With that insane bone structure of hers giving her that flawlessly beautiful face, I suppose she could wear a frumpy mom dress and still look like an utter babe.

Out of everything here, I'm the least sold on that black & gold unicorn dress Margot wore to the NYC premiere of the movie, where she looked the most uncomfortable out of all of her appearances. The pressure from the studio to save this lackluster summer box office season must be getting to the cast, who all looked a little bit beat after a week packed with obligatory photo ops and interviews. As for me, I'm not one of the lucky media pass holders, so I bought my tickets for tomorrow night like the rest of the plebeians and can't wait for Robbie to kill it as Harley. (And for Jai Courtney to finally win the approval of the whining fanboy masses.)

Source: ET Online


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