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Margot Robbie looked rawr-some at Suicide Squad's London premiere

08.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Hot damn, did the cast of SUICIDE SQUAD look good meeting up with the superheroes from THE JUSTICE LEAGUE for the London premiere of the anti-heros flick. With the good guys currently filming in England and the whole shebang being a DC production, of course it was going to be a given that Batfleck at the gang would show up to support the bad guys. Then again, I'm having a hard time focusing on much else outside of how ridiculously hot Jason Momoa looks and how excited I am to see Ezra Miller take on that fast running do-gooder, The Flash.

As for Margot Robbie, the gorgeous blonde definitely made up for the poor choice of attire from the New York premiere of the film, swapping out that gaudy black & gold unicorn dress and Hot Topic makeup palette for a tiger and a much softer overall look. This woman really is the type of stunner that comes along once in a blue moon and makes Hollywood reinvent itself around her.


Source: Daily Mail


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