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Margot Robbie knows a thing or two about being a sultry image maker

01.11.2017by: No Cool Handle

From this day henceforth, we'll have to become adept at suspending our disbelief in order to continue on feeding that deep-seated fantasy so many of us share: being the one charged with fulfilling every one of Margot Robbie's needs and desires – sadly, she's filled that position. Not only can a 3 carat diamond engagement ring cut glass, it has the ability to shatter the hopes and dreams of loyal Margot fans everywhere. The possibility of an epic romance or a unforgettable one night stand has always been improbable, now, signaled by the glint from her pear-shape center stone, rendered utterly impossible. That's why for many of us, after enjoying these pics from the first annual Marie Claire Image Awards, the tissues once used to tidy up after "paying tribute" to Margot Robbie will be repurposed for wiping away the tears.

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