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Margot Robbie is the lovely pearl inside of Oyster issue 108

05.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

Sitting on top of the world is 26 year old Aussie, Margot Robbie. The sexy blonde has two mega-budget movies coming out this summer in back-to-back months - THE LEGEND OF TARZAN in July and of course, SUICIDE SQUAD in August. Two opportunities to put her own stamp on iconic characters Jane of the Jungle and Harley Quinn.

There's an argument to be made over who fans will be turning out for, Jared Leto's take on the Clown Prince or Margot's take on his swooning subordinate. The marketing for SUICIDE SQUAD has centered around Quinn more than any other character on the roster and the internet's response has been consistently supportive. Compare that to the fire and brimstone rained down by outraged fanboys once pictures of Leto's "Damaged" Joker began circulating. The point is (in an attempt to mirror Donald Trump's eloquence) she's (h)uge! She deserves it. Beyond processing talent capable of casting shadows over big-marquee names like Leto and Smith, her striking beauty remains beyond reproach, as you will see from these photos featured in Oyster issue #108. Nothing elaborate, no gimmicks, just Margot Robbie's naturally fine self. You needn't anything more.

Source: Oyster


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