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Margot Robbie in leopard print is always in Vogue

05.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

THE LEGEND OF TARZAN hits theatres on July 1st, so Vogue decided they'd get the promotional jump on it by dressing Margot Robbie up in skin-tight leopard print garb - a good move, to be sure. They also have a shot or two of the illustrious Aussie being manhandle by King of the Jungle, Alexander Skarsgard; a couple of ridiculously good-looking movie stars that, while it pains me to admit it, look the part of a power couple if I've ever seen one. Please let Skarsgard be married or asexual or impotent. I can't handle the idea of Margot Robbie being enjoyed by another man, least of all f**king Tarzan. If you – the dear readers – could do me a solid: refrain from bringing me up to speed in regards to her relationship status. She may have a significant other, but in my mind she remains singal (I prefer blissful ignorance to harsh realities), waiting for her hectic career to subside so we can finally have our time together.

Source: Vogue


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