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Margot Robbie goes from batting creatures to clubbing the competition

01.05.2017by: Droz

Margot Robbie has been getting ice skating training for her upcoming role as Tanya Harding in the absurdly titled I, TONYA, which profiles the exploits of the disgraced ice skating champion in the lead up to her involvement in the assault on her competition Nancy Kerrigan for the ice skating championship back in 1994. It's one of those ridiculous tabloid stories that simply never went away, no matter how many years passed. Now they got Margot wrapped up in a whole new telling of it. I don't know how they plan on making a movie about this and not getting themselves tangled up in the nonsense that goes along with it. It was always an over-hyped load of foolishness perpetrated by scumbags not deserving of the celebrity they got from it. It's certainly not the role I would have wanted Margot getting anywhere near. Although now I'm curious to see what she'll look like in one of those sexy little ice skater outfits. That might make the whole thing worthwhile.

Extra Tidbit: This is the same ice rink where Alan Thicke met his end late last year.
Source: Superior Pics


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