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Margot Robbie enjoys Hawaii and we enjoy her in a bikini

07.15.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Margot Robbie has to feel like the Queen of Summer 2016 right now. Not only is her movie THE LEGEND OF TARZAN doing quite well at the box office, she's about to open the biggest supervillain movie in a couple of weeks when SUICIDE SQUAD drops on August 5th. I know I'm going crazy waiting to see the film, although I'm not as crazy about her man-bun boyfriend getting to hog all of her goodstuffs while the two took a mini-vacation in Hawaii. I'm glad he makes her smile because a smiling Margot is an even more lovely Margot. The two were seen kissing in the ocean and then were later spotted jogging together. She clearly has to keep in shape for the red carpet, but I love that Robbie seems like a regular person with a pinch of extra weight here and there in her downtime, making her all that much more relatable and lovable.
Source: Daily Mail


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