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Margot Robbie does her best to look happy about being in China

07.08.2016by: Droz

Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with being in China. It's just that when you were just in London a few days before like Margot Robbie was, and now have to cross 2 continents and pretend to be excited for a sinking ship of a movie - one's excitement level can start to get a little frayed. Thus the rather forced look of pleasure on Margot's face as she sells her TARZAN movie to Chinese audiences. Even if she isn't as excited as her expression might belie, at least she still looks radiant. It would be hard for Margot not to be beautiful. They'd really have to mess her up. Even all battered and bloodied in SUICIDE SQUAD, she's still amazing-looking. Her turn as Harley Quinn might be another reason why Margot struggles to smile here. I'm sure she's realized by now she's going to have to make these global crossings all over again when that movie comes out next month - just about the time she's fully recovered from this TARZAN publicity spree. Poor thing. She should take a break once this is all done. Maybe go topless on a beach somewhere. No better way to relax than that.

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