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Margot Robbie brings her Seppuku Squad to Japan

08.26.2016by: Droz

By now most of us have had some time to reach a conclusion on SUICIDE SQUAD. I've seen it a couple times, giving it probably way more thought and consideration than it deserves. Unfortunately, I didn't like it much the first time I saw it and things didn't improve any the second time. As many have said, there is a good movie in there somewhere. It's just gotten mucked up in the editing room. Opinions don't seem to have made much of a difference where earnings are concerned. SS is already above half-a-billion and still counting. Margot Robbie and company just premiered it in Japan. As usual, Harley Quinn's alter ego looked stunning for the proceeds, doing a little braided thing with her hair which somehow made her look even hotter. I didn't think that was possible.

I don't have much of a stake in the comic series this movie is based on. Nor do I care about most of its characters. I did have high hopes for Margot scoring a major win. I suppose she has, albeit something of a hollow one. She deserved a CIVIL WAR style win, not another BvS. So I guess I'm happy and sad for her at the same time. Oh well. Maybe they'll learn from their mistakes with SS2. Probably not.

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