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Many words come to mind when looking at Kaley Cuoco; SAG ain't one of them

02.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

Kaley Cuoco has made one of the biggest, sexy comebacks in recent memory. It begs the question - did her sexiness really ever go anywhere? It feels like it did. I, like many others, started fixated on her when she first appeared on network TV. Then ... something happened. Whether it was oversaturation, fatigue or just the swarm of other hotties out there, stealing away attention, my unwavering obsession began to wane. Lately, that spark reignited, exploding into a roaring fire in which the flames of recollection burn fierce. Ok, so that's a bit over the top, but she has made me remember why she's still so irresistible. The current example being her scorching hot presence at this years SAG awards. Nothing about that hard body says sag or saggy. Tasty, perfect or even holy sh#t, may better represent your likely initial reaction. Don't let up Kaley, you're on a roll and that's when you push even harder.

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