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Mandy Moore positively glowed with holiday cheer

01.05.2017by: Droz

It makes me happy to see Mandy Moore not only much more available to us in the sense of being present as a celebrity and actress, but also much more happy and bright than in previous years. It wasn't too long ago when, if you saw Mandy at all, she was frequently somewhat disheveled-looking and seemingly in an emotional rut. It was obvious she was going through some shit at that point. But now all that seems to be over and Mandy is free to get into the spirit of the season, which she did while getting presents for the holidays. I think we can agree Mandy with a big smile and a happy demeanor is way better than sad Mandy. So happy was Mandy she didn't seem to notice mother nature attempting to blow her skirts up there for a minute. There's yet another reason to be enthusiastic about Mandy's good mood.

Source: GotCeleb


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